Miss Beasley loo crungely flobble-flub

Nip weeble wheezerfloo. Slop nip flop! Zap loo Kyle blopting! Boo bla jangle quibblewaggle loo boo roo “tingity twaddle-zowee”. Cake!

Flobbity wowkanoodle. Razzle da bananarama bam doof-wubble!! Flobble roo blop flong? Ingle! Flop doo woggle!

Zungnip-blipping-shrubbery! Izzle doof dongledazzle, “blup boo nip blap,” nip nizzle razz bananarama zip jangle-shrubbery…dongle duh bam! Yap bam meep dingle flibbing flobbing flib funkwooble? Boo bang quabble? Ongle flibble zappity yap blungshnazzle???

London – 10/12/11

Xmas Special
Saturday, December 10, 2011
9:00pm - 18+
Good Mixer (map)
30 Inverness Street
London NW1 7HJ
Other Info

We’re back again to celebrate Christmas in style and say goodbye to 2011. So bring your friends and XMAS costume and tell your ma you won’t be home for supper…

TALL STORIES – (www.tallstoriesband.co.uk) Described as “Hefner if Hayman had put away his seven inch collection, split up with his tweecore girlfriend, boshed a wrap of mysterious powder and gone down to band practice with a cob on.” Expect the catchiest indie rock n roll!
DEEPSEAGREEN – (www.deepseagreen.co.uk) The best mixture of 60s and 70s garage with elements of blues and psyche and aspects of surf and noise.

DEAN MUMFORD – Needs little introduction as you’ve already heard / seen him playing keyboards for The Rifles. He’ll be performing an acoustic set for us on the night that you certainly shouldn’t miss.

+ Pork Scratchings DJs until 2am


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London – 22/10/11

Saturday, October 22, 2011
7:00pm - 18+
Bar Solo (map)
20 Inverness St, Camden Town

London NW1 7HJ
Other Info

After Sam McCarthy, Miss Neeks and the Masquerades and Patti Plinko and The Maddening blowing us away with their beautiful and mesmerising songs. GET READY FOR THIS!!!

Welcome to Run Red Pt 4

A bi weekly night of the bands that inspire us to do what we do, some interesting new acts and very special guests.

DJ's playing Garage/Psych/Rock and Roll/Northern Soul/ Basically anything to get ya little feet a boppin and a poppin


“If The Pogues and Gogol Bordello had dirty rough sex with Arcade Fire in the toilet of a dry docked old sailing ship themed pub and the filthy sprogs that popped out 9 months on were hand reared by The Clash and Hunter S Thompson, in a shit caravan decorated inside by Tim Burton parked on some wasteground upstairs in the Hawley Arms, and…. those sprogs grew up into a band, the chances are that the band would be named Billy Bones”-Daily mail



Tall Stories are a sardonic four-piece new wave rock band who formed in late 2009 from the ashes of an unknown novelty skiffle act. They soon began gigging in and around Camden, and did not rise quickly to local prominence with their light-hearted songs about bigotry, organised religion and unwanted pregnancy. Their debut EP was not released the following spring on some trendy label, and it didn't earn them an unprecedented 5.5 stars in the NME. Controversy struck the band in 2011 when the body of a dead prostitute was found in Scott Vining’s swimming pool with a gunshot wound to the face.

But don't take our word for it, here's what others are saying:

"Brutally honest..." - Spoonfed

"Who?" - Steve Lamacq

"جوزجان ولايت نه موداسلامي امارت مسؤل مجاهدين خبروي چې په خ" – Al Jazeera



Born in London; He first picked up a guitar when he was eleven and started writing about ten years later. He is open to music of a wide variety but his heart has always been with rock and particularly the 60's greats and more recently folk/acoustic based music. His music is inspired by observations and stories.

'Like John Martyn meets Jeff Buckley....' Run Red





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London – 19/10/11

Mother Live - FEED YOUR HEAD
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
10:00pm - 18+
333 (map)
333 Old Street
London EC1V 9LE
Other Info

////// £ FREE ENTRY !!!
//// 8pm Kick off !
// PLUS, resident Feed Your Head DJs spinning the usual classic rock n roll, vintage hits and twisted psychedelic madness!!!!!

Sardonic new-wave four piece from London, they've been grafting in and out of the camden scene for last few years, so come down and check em out!
.... www.facebook.com/tallstorieslondon

Cambridge garage-punk rockers. Recently toured with the legendary new york dolls. Been tipped, expect the album in early 2012.
.... www.facebook.com/violetbonesmusic

Enchanting indie-art-punk from this Northampton band. Theres a cool scene emerging up there at the minute n this lot are right at the heart of it.
.... www.wearethreads.co.uk

Dont miss this raucous gang. Formed through a mutual love of music and a ritualistic hatred of sounding like anyone else. Grime-pop at its very best.
.... www.fuzzylogicbaby.com

We had these on before and they charmed the fuck out of us so we had to invite them back! its the magic number meets the divine comedy!
.... www.myspace.com/theotherdances

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Wife In Bed With Other Man

Dear Damien,
I recently returned home from the shops to discover my wife in bed with another man. I don’t know who to turn to. I love my wife but she is bigger than me, and if I were to leave her I would fear for my safety.
Yours Sincerely,

Dear Andrew,
Burn her. Torch the house and burn her. Fuck her children. Fuck them and burn them. Kill yourself. Drain your blood and offer me your soul.
Yours Sincerely,
Damien 666

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