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Due to a severe weather warning you are advised to stay indoors until further notice. [full story]


A40 Oxford Street Marylebone, Portman Street and Duke Street closed due to severe weather.

A40 LondonA40 Oxford Street in Marylebone closed in both directions between the A41 Portman Street junction and the Duke Street junction due to severe weather.

A4 Hammersmith Flyover Hammersmith, both ways between A306 Great West Road and A219 Talgarth Road closed due to severe weather.

A4 London – Both lanes closed on A4 Hammersmith Flyover between the A306 Great West Road junction and the A219 Talgarth Road junction, due to severe weather.

London – Martha Street in Stepney blocked in both directions at the Sutton Street junction, because of a burst water main and severe weather.


The following lines have been suspended until further notice due to severe weather:

(Brighton and) London to Bedford all services
(Bedford and) London to Brighton all services
(Luton and) London to Wimbledon and Sutton all services
(Bedford and) London to Orpington and Sevenoaks all services
Luton to Dunstable all services
Dunstable to Luton all services
St Albans to Hatfield all services
London and Cambridge to Ely and King’s Lynn all services
London to Stevenage, Cambridge and Peterborough all services
London to Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth Garden City all services
Letchworth Garden City and Welwyn Garden City to London all services
King’s Lynn to Hunstanton and Wells next the Sea all services
All Thameslink routes all services
All Great Northern routes all services

Air Travel

All flights to and from the London region have been grounded due to the severe weather conditions. Please check with your airport for further information. You may need to contact your airline to make alternative arrangements:


*** all flights cancelled until further notice due to severe weather ***

Arrivals Departures
Bishkek arr. CANCELLED. Beirut dep. CANCELLED.
Amritsar arr. CANCELLED. Tbilisi dep. CANCELLED.
Dhaka arr. CANCELLED. Kiev dep. CANCELLED.
Johannesburg arr. CANCELLED. Beijing dep. CANCELLED.
Miami arr. CANCELLED. Shanghai dep. CANCELLED.
Casseblanca arr. CANCELLED. Taipei dep. CANCELLED.
Algiers arr. CANCELLED. Budapest dep. CANCELLED.


*** all flights cancelled until further notice due to severe weather ***

Arrivals Departures
Malta arr. CANCELLED Jersey dep. CANCELLED
Dortmund arr. CANCELLED Rhodes dep. CANCELLED
Brno arr. CANCELLED Paphos dep. CANCELLED
Inverness arr. CANCELLED Warsaw dep. CANCELLED
Hong Kong arr. CANCELLED Bordeaux dep. CANCELLED
Grenoble arr. CANCELLED Dalaman dep. CANCELLED
Hamburg arr. CANCELLED Belgrade dep. CANCELLED


*** all flights cancelled until further notice due to severe weather ***

Arrivals Departures
Faroe Islands arr. CANCELLED Riga dep. CANCELLED
Dinard arr. CANCELLED Burgas dep. CANCELLED
Ibiza arr. CANCELLED Rzeszow dep. CANCELLED
Faro arr. CANCELLED Tallinn dep. CANCELLED
Tenerife arr. CANCELLED Rovaniemi dep. CANCELLED
Alghero arr. CANCELLED Kittila dep. CANCELLED